Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Two of my paintings being viewed at opening reception of
"High Bridge" at Korean Cultural Art Center of Chicago

A Tale of Two Exhibitions

This summer my paintings and mixed media drawings were included in two curated exhibitions. 

The first exhibition, "High Bridge" was co-curated by Kim Massey at the Korean Cultural Arts Center of Chicago which opened June 1.  Two of my large-scale paintings were selected and placed prominently in the exhibition space. It was a joy to see the entire show which included two of my former MFA students Sigrid Wonsil and Davida Schulman. Featured above are two paintings of mine and the opening reception.

"High Bridge" has real meaning-connecting among artists of different cultural and geographic backgrounds.  Interestingly, I took Sigrid Wonsil with me to Estonia where we were guests of the Estonia Printmakers Association when I gave a master class to the Academy of Art in Tallinn, Estonia during the "Mana Propria" international drawing exhibition.. Several years later, Sigrid took Kim with her as a fellow artist as guests of the Estonia Printmakers Association.  Sigrid was born in Austria, emigrating to the US as a child, Kim married an American who was overseas in Korea, so all three of us journeyed through artistic friendship to Estonia.  Many bridges indeed.

The second exhibition "Faces and Figures" in the Cincinnati area was curated by Danny Brown and featured thirteen artists. I had twelve paintings and mixed media drawings in the show, especially my latest Sphinx and Marilyn painting. I am pleased three works were large-scale drawings (similar to ones curated into Mana Propria) since I am mostly known for my paintings. Below are three views of this exhibition.

My Ostraka:History IV watercolor at
Faces and Figures exhibition
 Watercolors painted in Greece at
Faces and Figures exhibition

My Ostraka: History I drawing at Faces and Figures exhibition

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