Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Memories of the Stunning Smokies

Who wouldn't want to paint such magnificence?

We used our full palettes outdoors.
Great fellow artists to share with.  Great scenery and weater.  
Great food at Arrowmont's legendary dining room. 

What a wonderful week at Arrowmont and my "Power of Color" watercolor workshop.  The artists who attended really made it special.  What a great group.  every day we worked outside on site, we had great sunshine and moderate temperatures.  The day by the river was best.  No one wanted to leave.  The sounds of the rushing water, ever-changing images of rocks, sunlight on water, ripples and deep underwater shadows all made for a stunning day of painting.  The week whizzed by and now we are all home, on diets.

What lush scenery to paint.